Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023

Call us — on the mainland: 1-323-980-5500 — from Hawaii (toll free): 1-800-500-0225

We are the advantage for customized frozen & chill freight shipping to Hawaii!
We ship to Los Angeles from Hawaii as well; give us a call!!!

At Cal Hono, our outstanding in-house freezer and cooler facilities ensure that your temperature sensitive products are properly protected prior to vessel departure.

Cal Hono's top priority is to meet our customers' individual needs. We have tailored our consolidation Hawaii frozen freight service to accept early deliveries and hold products until ready to ship in one refrigerated container. The result significantly lowers rates and decreases potential damage to goods. That's the Cal Hono advantage! (Read more)

We have up to the minute receiving/loading/shipping information updated on your own, personal web page for you to monitor your shipments as needed. Call us to set up your web access!!

Another "Cal Hono Advantage" is keeping our customers apprised of the latest news in the shipping and freight industry. This extra service provides information that may impact budget and plans.

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